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Posting Photos to the Internet

August 14, 2008

I have found that I spend a fair amount of time taking and organizing (tagging, etc.) photos that I have taken. I do the organization and taggin with J River’s Media Center and then do most of the viewing using Vista Media Center (specifically and extender hooked up to a television).

It struck me recently, that I should probably take the extra steps of putting some of those photos in some other places as well: (i) Facebook, (ii) a web photo sharing service I could use to email links to family members, (iii) Flickr, and (iv) our home’s two electronic photo frames that use SD cards.

Because all but (iii) I can pretty easily do using J River Media Center, and (iv) I can do easily with the Windows Live Photo Gallery, I have resolved to make photo sharing a part of my photo organizing routine:

  • J River Media Center can share photos to Facebook with right-click menu selection.
  • J River Media Center can also easily share photos to its with a right-click as well. Although this service is pretty limited, it has the virtue of being free, fast, simple and privately viewable.
  • Windows Live Photo Gallery can easily share photos to Flickr.
  • Using Media Center I can create a playlist of photos for our picture frames by dragging and dropping the photos, and then sync those photos with the SD cards that go in the photo frames.

Why print photos when there are so many other, easier ways to use them?

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