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Windows Mobile 6 Internet Connection Sharing Rocks

October 10, 2008

Internet Connection Sharing in Windows Mobile 6 allows a user to connect a USB cable between a phone running Windows Mobile 6 and have the PC use the phone’s Internet connection. This came in really handy for the first time this week during our family vacation at a condo without an Internet connection for the laptop I brought along.

I used Internet Connection Sharing on my HTC Mogul (ROM version 3.35.651.2) to allow our laptop running Vista Business to connect using the phones EVDO Rev A connection to the Sprint network. All I did was connect the phone by USB cable to the laptop, make sure ActiveSync wasn’t running, setup the Internet Sharing application (setting the PC Connection setting to "USB" and the Network Connection setting to "Sprint PCS") and hit Connect within the Internet Sharing application on the phone. Viola! Vista running on the laptop reported an Internet connection.

A couple of additional notes: first, I tried using the Bluetooth personal area network to get the same functionality without success; second, the connection speed was fast enough for web surfing and remote Outlook access via Citrix and Remote Web Workplace, but not for playing video clips; and third, when connected this way the laptop charges the phone using the USB cable.


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