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January 11, 2009 is that portion of Windows Live that is a cross-between Facebook and cloud computing:

  • It has basic data (including photos and video) storage and manipulation capabilities, which gives it its cloud computing aspect.
  • It also exposes different amounts and types of that data (including personal information) to the internet and other Live friends, giving it its Facebook-like aspect.

As with Facebook, your friends can see a “feed” describing your recent online activities. Your blog from Windows Live Spaces is a part of that feed. There is one-way integration with other social sites/services such as Facebook and Twitter allowing you activities on those services to show up on your Windows Live feed.

The site/service has some nice capabilities and is logically organized and integrated, but is is not not used by many of my friends making Facebook superior for my purposes. If activities on Windows Live were reflected in my Facebook feed, Windows Live might be more useful to me. When I talked to Microsoft yesterday at the Consumer Electronics Show that admitted that it would be nice to have a Facebook application that did this and hinted that they might be working on that very thing along with deals to better integrate Windows Live with other social web sites. I think such an application and integration is important to the success of Home.Windows.Live.

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