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Super Thin LED Backlit LCD Displays at CES May Lack Color Depth

January 14, 2009

Almost all of the large TV manufactures at this years consumer electronics show were showing vivid, ultra-thin LED Backlit LCD televisions. Some of these display panels were over 50 plus inches in size and had bright, vivid colors.

The potential downside, was revealed in the source material at least one manufacturer chose to use: pans across paintings. Why? I suspect it is because the display  lacked color depth that could have led to banding effects with other types of source material. Instead of displaying the 24+ bit color that produces over 16 million different color, these displays may have used 16 bit color allowing only about 65,000 different colors. This isn’t a problem until you try to display a blue sky. An insufficient number of shades of blue produces banding effects.

Note: edited to correct confusion between OLED and LED Backlit LCDs

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