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Reflecting Stories You Digg on Facebook

February 4, 2009

I have thought for a while that it would be nice to share interesting items on web (mostly blog entries) as part of my Facebook feed. I believe this is now possible by importing an URL of the RSS feed of your dugg items to the Notes section of Facebook.

Previously I had looked into Facebook applications to do this, but based on user reviews they seemed klugy, complication and unreliable.

This approach relies on well supported capabilities in Facebook and Digg:

  • Identify your Digg RSS feed, which is
  • On your own Facebook profile page add the Notes tab.
  • Start writing a new Note. Discard the Note. You will then see the option to import an RSS feed .or Edit Import Settings. Use this to import from the URL of your Digg RSS feed. (The option to import a feed only seems to appear after selecting the option to write Note, but there may be a more direct way to access it of which I am unaware.)

This only seems to work for one RSS feed, but your should be able to use to aggregate RSS feeds if you want.

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