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Multiple Failures

February 16, 2009

I have had the kind of weekend that makes me question whether having our home’s level of technology is really worth it. To wit:

  • Our Small Business 2003 PowerEdge server has developed two nasty habits: refusing to reliably turn on again after being fully powered down and an intolerance for USB devices being plugged in and unplugged. These made the backups this weekend of all of our home media files on to USB hard drives (normally kept off site) a somewhat harrowing experience
  • An HP PhotoSmart 4650 wireless networked printer has a tendancy to lock up every 48 hours or so. Because it has no on/off switch (and the plug is behind a desk) this has been really annoying. So after 3 hours on the phone with HP, they thought the issue had been addressed by a two “resets.”
  • The three hours on the phone with HP resulted in HP changing registry settings and installing new drivers. Unfortunately when I went to use the PC to which HP had made all these changes, it would have a blue screen crash whenever I attempted to “Switch User.” I am now reformatting the hard drive of that PC and preparing for a clean install.
  • In preparation for our move to Windows Small Business Server 2008 (and a new box to replace the increasingly unreliable PowerEdge 430SC that is running SBS 2003), we will have to change our network topography so that our server no longer connects directly to our cable modem, but instead an ordinary router connects to the cable modem. This should make for a better home experience whenever the server needs to be restarted (because PCs around the house won’t lose their internet connection). But it means that I need to first, replace our current router (being used as a wireless access point) and second, move our existing router into the network as a real router (an reconfigure SBS 2003 appropriately). Step one was been completed tonight. Time probably won’t permit step two to be completed today.

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