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Removing Our Small Business Server as Network Gateway

February 18, 2009

As part of our home’s preparations for our transition from Small Business Server 2003 to Small Business Server 2008, last night I reintroduced a our old DLink DI-634 router as a network gateway and disabled the second network interface card in our server running Small Business Server 2003.

So far there have been fewer hiccups than I feared, but there were a few:

  • After completing the Connect to the Internet Wizard in the SBS 2003 Management Console, I had no internet access. The culprit: I forgot that I needed to power cycle the DLink router to get it to grab an IP address from our cable modem.
  • At first the UPnP configuration of the router failed, but seemed to have succeeded on the second try.
  • I discovered 24 hours later that Exchange had not picked up any new email. I suspect that by not reconfiguring our email settings as part of the Connect to the Internet Wizard, it failed to configure the router for use with Exchange. I adding some ports to the Virtual Server page of the DLink router per a handy page of instructions. We will see if this solves the problem.

In addition to preparing for SBS 2008, this configuration has the advantage of allowing me to reboot the server without it knocking out internet connections around the house!

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