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Media Center Crashes Solved

March 6, 2009

After connecting our Media Center PC to Windows Small Business Server 2008’s domain this weekend, yesterday I was distressed to find that usually within minutes after starting and extender session, Media Center would crash hard to a Blue Screen of Death (BSOD). The information on the screen identified an “RDR_File_System” error, code 27 relating to MrxSMB20.sys.

Searches of the internet suggested disabling MrxSMB20.sys (which make extender sessions impossiible) or that this might be caused by a lack of system memory (which was not the case) or some other driver issue (which turned out not to be the case).

At this writing (and several hours of extender sessions without a crash) the problem appears to have been caused by the Drobo attached to the SBS 2008 box that I use to share photos, music and videos that Media Center has access to. I noticed odd behavior when I tried to access those  network shares on other PCs: the file structure would appear, but no files would be shown. Then I noticed on the server itself, I could see the files but not when I accessed the shares through the network part of Explorer. During a call to Data Robotics tech support, we basically reset the Drobo, swapped in a new USB cable and it seems to be working fine now. But I suspect that the problems will recur.


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