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HomeSeer 2.3 Runs on Small Business Server 2008

March 13, 2009

Last night I managed to get HomeSeer 2.3 (the application that does home automation tasks like turning on lights and setting thermostats) running on our home’s new Small Business Server 2008 box. Migrating the application from SBS 2003 was simply a matter of:

  • Running the HomeSeer installation application
  • Copying the Homeseer folder (and subfolders) from the old installation on SBS 2003 to the new HomeSeer installation folder
  • Running HomeSeer and doing a FileOpen on the Sample.MDB file in the HomeSeer directory to load all my device and event information
  • Plugging the PowerLinc USB device into a USB port on the SBS2008 machine
  • Changing the Windows 2008 Firewall by going to the Exceptions Tab and selecting “Add Programs” to add the HomeSeer application

I tried running HomeSeer as a service, but no commands seemed to be sent out to devices, although it received and acted on events generated by devices without any problem. These problems may have been caused by something else, but I’m not sure its worth the trouble to find out if it is possible to run as a service on Windows 2008 for two reasons: (i) it is not recommended by HomeSeer; and (ii) I am running J River’s Media Center and that needs to be started manually (so it is no big deal to restart HomeSeer as long as I am already starting Media Center).


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