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A Replacement CableCard Tuner

March 21, 2009

Two weeks ago I had Comcast come by to replace the CableCard in one of my Vista Media Center’s CableCard tuners. For a long time, every so often the tuner would fail to record a show because the tuner would not be able to tune any channels. A restart would usually fix the issue.

The situation deteriorated, however, to the point where a restart would not fix the issue, so I called Comcast which did a variety of things including replacing the CableCard, whereupon the tuner worked, but wouldn’t display any pairing information.

When the tuner stopped working several days later, I called Velocity Micro (the maker of the PC) and they sent out a new OCUR tuner. A few days ago I replaced the OCUR tuner. That was a bigger pain than it should have been because I needed to reroute a power cable that had been tucked away under two other cards in the system. That required removing those cards, reinstalling the cards, fiddling with the graphics card to get it to actually go in the slot, accidently displacing a RAM SIMM in the process, and losing and then recovering a couple of screws that hold the cards in place.

After Comcast sent a signal to the card, it worked fine for a couple of days, but today, both OCUR tuners has stopped working and system reboot was necessary.

I hope the I find that the OCUR tuners become more reliable now, but I’ll just have to wait and see.


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