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My Experience with the Blackberry Bold – Part 2

May 12, 2009

A few more observations after a few more days of use:

  • The media player application crashes every couple of days. This is significantly more frequent than any crashes in Windows Mobile 6.0.
  • When I turn on my Bluetooth headset. Unlike Windows Mobile, there is no tone generated by the Blackberry that lets me know I have a good connection.
  • My A2DP Bluetooth dropout problems appear to improve if fewer applications are running, especially if the “Phone” app is not running.
  • The only Windows Mobile app I miss is ListPro, but I will try SplashShopper to see if that gets me the listkeeping functionality I liked in ListPro.
  • If I have chosen “column view” in the Blackberry web browser, that setting is not persistent after following a link, meaning it needs to be reset with every page. This is annoying, but would be more so if the trackball weren’t a pretty good way to get around web pages that are bigger than the Blackberry screen’s horizontal dimension.

Although, I find the Blackberry browser generally better than that in Windows Mobile 6, it is really annoying that there are many pretty simple pages that can’t be used at all to enter data or make selections from dropdown boxes. I’m looking at you

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