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My Experience with the Blackberry Bold – Part 3

May 13, 2009

This evening I tried using Orb with the Bold on my 20 minute train ride home from work in downtown Chicago. I was pleased to find that Orb worked. But AT&T’s network was not a match for Sprint’s and the quality of the podcast I was listening to suffered repeatedly. Unlike when using Orb with Windows Mobile, however, the network connection never broke so badly that I needed to manually resume listening to the podcast. Both were suboptimal experiences, but with the Bold the issue seems to be more with AT&T’s network than with the Bold itself.

Having found that I would need to continue to sync podcasts to the Bold, I tried connecting it via USB cable to a Vista PC in our house to see if I could sync it directly with J River Media Center. I found that I could! Upon connection, Vista found drivers for the Blackberry and recognized the Bold. Plug and Play. Likewise I could easily transfer photos from the Bold to my PC using Windows Live Photo Gallery. The Bold’s microSD card and internal memory both show up as standard removable drives when the bold is connected with a USB cable. In my mind, this is a Big improvment over ActiveSync which for me was fraught with problems: it would often just stop working and the device would need to be repaired and resync’d. So often in fact that I would seldom bother to connect the device to a PC using ActiveSync (instead I would sync music files to the removable SD card).

I had been planning to get one of the new iPhones when the come out in June, but I fear having to start using iTunes. The Bold’s more conventional connection to Windows makes me more inclined to keep using the Bold.


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