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Latest CableCard Unreliability Problem Solved

May 20, 2009

For weeks I had been having a problem with one of the two CableCard OCUR tuners in my Vista Media Center PC. A fee weeks ago, I decided to try an figure out what the problem was. My testing revealed that one tuner worked fine all the time, but that the other would stop tuning anything but clear QAM (unencrypted digital cable channels that generally carry local broadcast channels) channels after a few hours. If I either powered down the tuner (via the web interface) or removed and reinserted the card, I could once again tune all of my cable channels, but then after a few hours I would be back to only being able to tune clear QAM channels.

Because the problem would be solved after reinserting the CableCard, two visits from Comcast resulted in some tweaks to my cabling and some new cable splitters, but the problem would always recur shortly after they left.

I posted on The Green Button, any received the opinion that the problem likely lay in a bad CableCard. So with my third visit from Comcast, I insisted they install a new CableCard. That seems to have done the trick as the four days after the new card was installed all OCUR tuners still tune all channels.


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