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Waiting for Windows 7

July 8, 2009

I have not blogged much recently about problems solved or new applications experimented with for a couple of reasons: (i) an observation from my wife that our home systems require more time in maintenance that they save; but more importantly (ii) I am waiting for Windows 7.

With respect to the first point, I started keeping a log of the time I spent dealing with issues related to the complexity of our home IT systems (e.g. using Small Business Server 2008) which has both reflected that not more than a couple of hours per month has been spent on maintaining such systems, but has also deterred me from making changes that are likely to require significantly more time to fix if they go awry. My gain in the regard is my readers’ loss.

On the second point, there are a number applications that I might otherwise try and write about, were it not for the coming of Windows 7 in October that might make these applications superfluous or obsolete. I tried the beta this Winter and found that it’s relationship with my Small Business Server 2008 installation was problematic. Fair enough, it was a beta. As a result though, I was not eager to do more experimentation. Similarly, enhancements to Media Center will wait until I can install Windows 7 on our Media Center PC because I am unwilling to risk our primary entertainment medium on even release candidate software.

So I wait, while my time is consumed with actually consuming digital media.


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