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Goodbye Blackberry Bold

August 6, 2009

I have given up the Blackberry Bold I started using about three months ago and replaced it with an iPhone 3GS.

Although the Bold was certainly an acceptable device, I was really annoyed by two aspects of media playback that would have eventually caused me to want to replace it even without the advent of the new iPhone:

  • Regular crashes of the media player that resulted in a reboot of the entire phone. Those reboots were agonizingly slow and often took 4-5 minutes to complete.
  • Poor A2DP Bluetooth reception. If I was not holding the Bold just right I would often have dropouts when listening to audio files playback. This was really annoying and I did not suffer from this problem on my prior HTC Mogul and have not suffered from it more than occasionally using the new iPhone 3GS.

More about my thoughts on the iPhone in the future, but I’ll say this now: the worst part is having to use iTunes. I find it baffling that Palm would go to such great lengths to make the Pre sync with such mediocre media software. The best part is the browser.


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