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Remote Media Access on the iPhone: Good and Bad

October 6, 2009

First the good. Unbeknownst to me, the iPhone is better than Windows Mobile and Blackberry OS at listening to an MP3 that is available for download on the web. To listen to any podcast available for download, all I need to do is click on the download link and the iPhone’s Safari browser becomes a Quicktime player plays an MP3 of the podcast. I can even move a scrub bar to move to a differently location in the file—all without downloading the entire file. This proves quite convenient for listening to new podcasts that I have not yet sync’d with the iPhone.

Alas, using Orb (via the Orb Live app) is not so great. Orb allows listening to all the media on my home server via remote devices. The interface is better than the web interface I used to access Orb on Windows Mobile, but there appears to be no function to resume listening to the last stream. This makes it really inconvenient when I temporarily lose an internet connection (which happens more often with AT&T than it did with Sprint).


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