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Sharing Windows 7 Libraries Among Multiple PCs in a Domain

October 29, 2009

Libraries are a pretty cool feature of Windows 7. By adding folders to a library, or creating a library, they allow you to aggregate content from multiple folders, even network shares. For example a Music Library can contain my personal music files as well as those that are on our SBS 2008 server in a network share. Searches can be limited to a library and the files within can be sorted by things like album regardless of what folder the file happens to be in. Libraries can be used more generally for documents.

I find them most useful for aggregating personal and shared files in this manner.

There are a couple of nice discussions of libraries here and here.

The only unfortunate thing is that they appear to be specific to each user on each PC that is a part of our network. It would be nice if certain common network shares could be automatically added to all libraries automatically, but that does not appear to be possible, at least in a domain.

Instead to create libraries for the five users in our family on all of the five PCs that we share requires setting up a set of libraries 25 times: once for each of the users on each of the five PCs!

Libraries in a Windows Server domain, where “My Documents” folders for each user are redirected to the server, should allow users to have common libraries and source folders accessible from whatever PC in the domain they log on to (at least with respect to folders that are network shares)!

Here’s hoping this appears as an add-on to Windows Server 2008.



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