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Using OpenDNS with SBS 2008

December 5, 2009

I discovered today that there was a website that I could not reach from our home network, but could read from work. I could ping the IP address from both places, so I figured the problem was probably related to our DNS setup, which had not been altered since I set up SBS 2008 at the beginning of this year.

That was confirmed when I tried using NSLOOKUP from the command line and could resolve the websites name when I specified different DNS servers than the default.

I read online about a number of complaints by users of Comcast’s (our ISP) DNS servers so I figured I would try using OpenDNS, which was in the news recently as a free alternative to Google’s entry into the provision of DNS servers.

After signing up, I got the IP addresses of their DNS servers and put them into Forwarders tab in the DNS Services toolbox, which can be found Both tools can be found as part of the Windows SBS Native Tools Management or under the Administrators Tools item on the Start menu. Once there, Right-click on the server name in the navigation pane and select Properties. Select the Forwarders tab and change or add the forwarders to look to the OpenDNS servers. HT: Troubleshooting SBS 2008.

With this change implemented, Nslookup worked fine, and I could reach the website I had originally failed to reach.


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