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Watching Hulu and Netflix from Media Center Extenders

February 4, 2010

Recently I installed a PlayOn server on our Windows 7 Media Center PC so that I could watch Netflix and Hulu using our Xbox 360s.

At the time, I installed vmcPlayIt, on the Media Center PC with the hope of accessing that content from the Xbox 360 when it was being used as a Media Center Extender. That experiment proved unsuccessful.

Recently, I saw that TubeCore was touting its ability to access PlayOn from Media Center extenders. (I had previously tried TubeCore as a DLNA client for accessing our J River Media Center server only to find out that in its present incarnation TubeCore only supports playing video, and not photos or audio, media files,)

Low and behold I discovered that TubeCore works well in this role. Next step: moving TubeCore to one of Media Center’s main strips rather than its default location buried in the “Extras Library.”


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