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Trying PC Games on a Tablet

February 26, 2010

With the recent purchase of a new tablet PC, I thought I would try playing a PC strategy game—something I have not done in years. I’ve played games on the Xbox 360 mainly because that is a more social experience that sitting at a computer up in my office. With the advent of the tablet PC in our home, I thought I’d give a non-twitch PC game a try on this new PC (which is located in our media room).

I soon remembered some old disadvantages of the PC game, including a few hours spent getting it installed, patched and working on Windows 7. Unfortunately my imagined dream of being able to play the game in tablet mode was dashed by the practical need to use arrow keys to move round the map. Also it is evidently a known issue that the tutorials do not work with the “complete” edition I purchased. This sort of thing never happens on the Xbox!

On the plus side, I picked up the games for $10 and now have something to do (including reading several hundred pages of PDF manuals!) while I wait for Dragon Age, Batman Arkham Asylum or Mass Effect 2 to drop below $30 on the Xbox.

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