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The Death of Tru2Way: Tru2Way Televisions Are No Longer Available

May 10, 2010
I was surprised to discover today that Tru2Way Televisions, announced with much fanfare in 2008, are no longer available in Chicago (and probably the two other test markets as well). The only such TVs were made by Panasonic and were model numbers TH-42PZ80Q and TH-50PZ80Q. They were to be sold exclusively by Abt and Sears, but the web sites of each no longer sell them and calls to their stores reveal that the models have been discontinued and are no longer being sold. A call to Panasonic confimed that these televisions are no longer being made, despite their presence on the Panasonic web site.
If there was any doubt that Tru2Way was dead, this would seem to eliminate it. (This may have been the last Tru2Way install.) The death seems to have gone unremarked on the Tru2Way web site. Although the last press release on that site is almost 8 months old, so perhaps that is remark enough.

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