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J River Media Center Version 15: Has Powerful New Media Server Features

May 17, 2010

J River Media Center Version 15 has an excellent combination of server features that allow you to:

  • Control the server from any web enabled device, e.g. another PC or an iPhone
  • Have the server play media on other DLNA compatible devices around your house, e.g. Roku Soundbridges and Xbox 360s
  • Access a central media server from instances of the application running on any PC on your home network or on the internet to tag media files, create playlists and play media files of all kinds

The last of these was present in some form in Version 14, but additional features in Version 15 make the feature much more useful.

The first two features in combination mean that you can do things like browse your media collection from a $200 hand held iPod Touch and play a selected video file on your Xbox or selected music on your stereo via your Roku Soundbridge.

Third party applications can access the server’s web service hooks to allow the same functionality via a mobile application on Android or the iPhone platform.

This is like having the functionality of a Sonos system without the high cost or being locked into a limited proprietary system.

Of course, this is not yet at the level of Sonos, but it is getting there.


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