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Journolist: Not Frightening, Just Stupid

July 28, 2010
Mickey Kaus’ analysis seems spot on.
Having read through the links in his post, I think it’s moderately amusing that most of the defenses of Journolist now consit of "It was only groupthink, not a conspiracy." That is the point Mickey made in early 2009, for which her was told by Spencer Ackerman to STFU.
Mass internet communications (even in private) are not the SAME as small scale  face-to-face communications. Just as emails are not the same as peronal letters. They are different in ways that may not be obvious at first.
The Journolist participants now know at least one way they are different: your private conversations can’t easily be archived and republished to the world. And the participants were supposed to be so smart! Oops.

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