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Lots of New Things in Home Technology

August 27, 2010

I hope to be writing more about each one of these in days to come, but right now, here is an overview of the very recent happenings in our family’s technology:

  • A new Sienna minivan allows streaming audio files from my iPhone.
  • Our Media Center PC becomes flaky and fails to record Burn Notice this evening. Could it be a hard drive, a video card, a motherboard, CableCard tuners.
  • It takes over three hours on the phone with HP to get them to replace a faulty Wireless Laser Mini Mouse.
  • I try out a dock for bare hard drives.
  • An SSD arrives. Now we’ll see if it makes our old laptops faster.
  • I’ve ordered a USB 802.11n dongle to see if I can’t improve the connectivity of our living room laptop that is suffering from an increasingly flaky connection to the wireless access point 20 feet away over its built in 802.11g wireless card.
  • I’ve tried two new sets of wireless bluetooth headphones and still prefer a Plantronics model.
  • All the computer and AV technology I installed in our house about five years ago is starting to show its age, bringing home the truth that electronics are a continuing expense that must be budgeted for (like a car), not a one-time expense (like a new fence).
  • I install the new beta of Windows Live Essentials and like it so far.
  • Office 2010 at our house is in the offing (as it is at my office).

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