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Media Center PC Instability Caused by External Hard Drive

August 29, 2010

A few days ago I blogged about severe problems I was having with our Media Center PC. The display would stop working (sometimes blinking out, sometimes it would not come back), I would get blue screens of death, the CableCards became flaky, and an external USB drive would disappear from Explorer (and the rest of Windows).

At first I thought the problem was a bad video card. After all the Windows Reliability History identified a number of crashes as “Video Hardware Error”. I tried updating the drivers, but this had no effect. So I ordered a new video card ($30) and initiated a support ticket with Velocity Micro, the manufacturer of the PC.

While waiting I also disconnected the external USB hard drive that had been disappearing from Windows recently. After doing that, all the problems have disappeared for 48 hours now.

Meanwhile the Velocity Micro Support process drags on. I decided to try support by email after waiting 30 minutes on the phone in queue position one without talking to anyone. Now over 48 hours after the ticket was created the only interaction has been their confirming that I “upgraded to Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit” rather than some other version of Windows 7.

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