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Car Audio Streaming via Bluetooth

October 14, 2010

As I mentioned recently, our new Sienna minivan allows streaming audio files from my iPhone—or any Bluetooth device for that matter.

This works quite well. Once the iPhone was paired with the Sienna, it has always appeared whenever I got in. Likewise, this additional Bluetooth pairing has not caused any problems using the iPhone with my normal listening device—a pair of Bluetooth headphones.

This is convenient enough that I am no longer interested in the car audio system I had hoped for for years: playback from an in-car hard drive that automatically sync’d with my home music collection.

The one unfortunate aspect of this bluetooth connection is that there is no ability to pause of advance to a new track, but that is easy enough to implement that I expect it to be implemented whenever Toyota next revises their car audio system.

Similarly, I can’t choose tracks to play from an on-screen display, but that doesn’t bother me too much right now either. I’m just happy not to have to wear headphones in the car to listen to my music and podcasts.


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