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SSD Not Panacea for TouchSmart TX2 Speed Issues

November 16, 2010

Having had considerable success installing Kinston 64GB SSDs in two HP laptops at our house, I thought I would install one in our TouchSmart TX2 laptop that has been slow to boot at whose disk access light seems on quite often.

The results have been considerably less impressive than those with our other HP laptops. After installing the new SSD, I can now boot, logon and get to a MyYahoo web page in about 2:40. That is probably a little faster than previously, but is not the dramaticly faster boot time I got with the other laptops. Further, the drive access light is still flashing quite a bit on this PC. Similarly, the TX2 seems somewhat more responsive when used but not dramatically so.

I can think of several possible explanations (none of which seem that likely to be good):

  • Unlike our other laptops that had 2GB of RAM, this one has 4GB.
  • The TX2 has a dual core AMD processor rather than the Core2 Duo in the other laptops.
  • The TX2 uses offline files unlike the other laptops that never travel outside our house.
  • The TX2 has more applications, e.g. Flicks, Synaptics Pointing Device, Sync Center that launch on login and this takes more time.
  • The TX2 is located farther away from a wireless access point so its lower quality network connections slow down other aspects of its performance.

I recently dramatically reduced the size of the offline files in My Documents. That did not immediately result in any great increase in speed, but it may over time, so I’ll report back if any noticeable increase in boot speed in the future.

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