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Some Random Thoughts on Windows 8

November 19, 2012

Our kids think it is really cool, especially the new Lenovo convertible tablets we got—the Yoga and Thinkpad Twist.

My wife does not like it at all– usually because she finds herself running a new Metro app when she would have preferred to run a traditional desktop app. This happens with the most annoyance PDF readers, mail and Internet Explorer. I have removed these from the start screen and changed the default applications, but this is a shame: Windows 8 should let you use different default apps depending on whether they are being invoked from a Metro app or a desktop app.

Is there any rhyme or reason to what portions of the OS have been metrofied and what portions have not? Switching between these apps isn’t problematic but it is aesthetically annoying.

Windows Key-D is my new favorite command. In now use the Windows key more than I ever did in two decades of using older iterations of Windows. Here is a handy list of keyboard shortcuts.

Metro needs a way to elegantly address apps that will never be touch-centric, e.g. Word, Photoshop etc. Maybe that means creating a metro-style aesthetic for desktop apps,

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