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The End of Small Business Server in Our Home

November 19, 2012

This move had been a long time coming..

All of our PCs were now running Windows 8 and were not joined to or SBS domain. It was time to decommission our SBS 2008 server and remove it from our home network.

This was the easiest part of the process. I purchased a Dell tower PC at Costco, upgraded it to Windows 8 and di the following:

  • Named it with the same name as our old SBS server (Leora after the character in Arrowsmith)
  • Moved the external drives containing shared files and backups from our SBS machine to the new Windows 8 box.
  • Shared the files from the user “Server” using Homegroup (and seprarately as well, but this may not have been necessary)
  • Installed Media Center 18 on the new box
  • Installed Homeseer on the new box and copied over the directories from the SBS installation of Homeseer using a flash drive
  • Set up file history to back up files to external backup drive
  • Disconnected the SBS box
  • Connected the new server to our network
  • Set our router to turn on DHCP (formerly handled by SBS) and assign a specific IP to the new server


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