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Realizing the Promise of Using Xbox One as a Media Hub

June 7, 2014

The original unveiling of the Xbox One touted its prowess as a media consumption device. Its HDMI input would allow it to be used to watch TV and other apps would bring the user other media. The new Kinect would allow everything to be controlled futuristically by voice.

With the release of the Smartglass beta, some of that promise may finally be realized, but it was not always so.

When the Xbox One came out, the Xbox wasn’t so great at processing certain 5.1 signals from the HDMI in, voice proved to be awkward as a primary input mechanism and the Xbox interface combined with a controller or remote was not a great experience either. Further, those people with DVRs could only watch live TV. They could not access or set shows to record.

The new smartglass beta overcomes the most serious of those problems. Here are the ways:

  • It provides a slick, easily navigable second screen interface to access content on all the Xbox One media apps.
  • It duplicates the functionality of a DVR remote so that you can access all the other features of your DVR besides live TV.
  • It provides an serviceable way to move around the Xbox onscreen interface.
  • It provides additional information on various possible media selections, e.g. a program synopsis.
  • Controls for volume, play and pause (and other transport controls) are available from anywhere—no matter what content source you are watching, be it Netflix or live TV.
  • Finally one guide and Bing searches are really useful enabling relatively easy access to content across services.
  • It turns out a second screen better than voice control.

Further, the sound pass-through issues with the HDMI in appear to have been resolved and the Kinect acts as a really effective IR blaster to control your DVR, TV and Receiver.

Although it is not perfect and there is much room for improvement, this my be the best integration of a remote control with robust second screen content selection out there. The Harmony app has no second screen content selection and all other second screen apps are unique to individual media sources and lack any universal remote capability.

Despite its promise, the current implementation is not without its problems:

  • When switching to watch TV, the Xbox One does nothing to get to live TV on your DVR— the only place channel selections can operate. Smartglass should send command to make sure the DVR is displaying live TV whenever starting the TV app and whenever changing channels after using the remote control functions. (For TiVo sending the following three commands would do just that: Menu, Guide, Guide (which will get you to Live TV no matter where you are).
  • It takes too long for TV listings to load on smartglass.
  • Support of OneGuide in Xbox apps is inconsistent. For example there is no Netflix in OneGuide and Vudu doesn’t show selections from your library.
  • In experienced some freezes and dropouts when watching a TiVo Roamio  on one of my Xbox Ones, but not when using a TiVo Mini with another. It is hard to know whether these issues are significant, but how would I get them fixed if they persist?
  • There is no good way to play content on a local network server. Some content can be played from OneDrive, but that is less than ideal. A nice Plex or DLNA client would be welcome.
  • The Blu-Ray played in the Xbox One still has no 3D capability. The means I have to keep a standalone Blu-Ray player.

I hope that the Xbox One team addresses these issues and continues to work on these features. There is a great deal of promise in the Xbox One for home media aficionados.

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