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A blog about my thoughts of experiences that I think might be of more general interest. Mostly, this is insights and experiences with personal technology, but occassionally there are some political and economic insights as well.

Who is my main audience? Google searchers and Facebook friends!

  1. Hey I really hope you are still around to your respond to this question. I had a question to ask you about the method you used to recover your lost Xbox 360 saves. I had the exact same thing happen, and attempted to use EASEUS to recover the files as your article suggested. The problem being I had used my flash drive for about year for general use before using it as my xbox 360 memory unit. This means EASEUS recovered everything that was ever on my drive (~30gigs worth). My question is, do you remember the file extensions and/or default names that xbox gave to those gamesaves?

  2. I don’t recall, but I would try formatting a new USB stick for use with the Xbox and see what files it creates.

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