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My Day at CES

January 10, 2007

I’m back from CES after a grueling day of trying to see about 1.2 million square feet of show floor in a little under 10 hours. Because I have a non-tech related vocation, I was only able to spend one day (Monday) at CES on the show floor. So I had to resort to almost constant movement, picking up literature on items that caught my eye and asking questions about products that really piqued my interest– questions that led to yesterday’s posts.

I only picked up information on things that interested me personally and made no attempt to see products like the 10 zillion TVs that were everywhere (although I did permit myself some amusement at at the competition among manufacturers to make the biggest flat screen TVs. BTW, who buys these things and how many of them do they buy anyway?

The result was that there were some cool items that caught my eye, but mostly I focused on blue tooth headphones, Media Center PCs and Xbox 360 (esp. using products on it as a Media Center Extender). As I make my way through the many pounds of brochures I collected over the next few weeks I’ll try to post on all of these.

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